Avignon & Auzonnet & Aubagne

Everyone who wants to discover variety and pleasure are in the right place with Madame Pastis: I develop and present journeys to distilleries or manufacturers, to events or celebrations, to places of interest or museums for connoisseurs, gourmets and pastis lovers.

One day excursion for bon vivants

• The distilleries around Marseille
• Reconnaissances in Avignon, 
Baux-de-Provence and
• The Cote d´Azur and the Pastis
On the traces of Paul Ricard
The Camargue: pastis, rice and salt
For "hard-boiled" onlyFerias, Fiestas & Co.

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     Madame Pastis offers also several days discoverer 
    tours as well as absinth journeys.

        You can reach Madame Pastis at

            Mobil (D): 0049/

           Mobil (F): 0033/